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Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Comes to Canada

Nov 15,2021

In a recent expansion, Lightspeed & Quantum (L&Q) Studios opened a new downtown office in Toronto. The Canadian video game development scene has exploded over the last decade, making this the perfect time for L&Q Studios to expand into the country.

The Toronto office serves as a hub for L&Q Studios in Canada, which integrates game development, visual effects, art, game design, audio and other technical production elements. The team in Toronto will support other L&Q Studios’ game development projects around the world.

The office is attracting local talents from established companies such as Ubisoft, Rockstar Games and EA.

Senior members of the Canadian teams noted that it was L&Q Studios' global vision, strong development capability, and one-of-a-kind AAA projects that inspired and attracted them to join.

The diverse lineup of dev specialists in this office will collaborate with other L&Q Studios’ teams across the globe, following L&Q Studios’ global strategy and high-quality standards to develop globalized games.