At LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, your wellbeing and development growth is our priority. We offer comprehensive benefits in health, wealth, and life, along with a variety of learning and development opportunities ranging from brown bag lunch seminars, online learning programs (such as Coursera) to peer mentoring, immersive classroom experiences, and more. Our programs cover your technical growth in the industry as well as professional and leadership growth for your career development with us.

  • 401K Plan and Employer Match
    Cell Phone Reimbursement
    Financial Wellness Sessions
    Flexible Spending Account
    Life and Disability Insurance

  • On-site Gym (L.A. - Playa Vista)
    Paid Health Insurance
    Employee Assistance Program
    Wellness Training
    Wellness Allowance
    Travel Insurance
    Preventive Care

  • Employee Care Program
    Free-Lunch Program (L.A. - Playa Vista)
    Beverage and Snacks
    Team Building and Company Events
    Paid Sick and Parental Leave
    Holidays and Vacation




Steered by industry veteran Steve Martin, Lightspeed LA is focused on building open-world games that emphasize ambitious living worlds, sophisticated player-focused gameplay, and mature, thoughtful storytelling.

Uncapped Games

Uncapped Games is a team of veteran developers brought together by passion, enthusiasm, and experience to try and make the world's next great RTS game.

Quantum Studio

Quantum Studio is one of the industry's leading game developers, publishers and drivers of the global esports ecosystem. Quantum Studio has demonstrated expertise in game development by creating some of the world's most-acclaimed titles, such as PUBG MOBILE ((co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.). Quantum Studio has more than 300 Quantumers are committed to revolutionizing game development, bringing players into better virtual worlds and becoming the best international mobile game developer in the world. Upholding its core strategies – innovation, creation, development, Quantum Studio continues to envision the future game experiences and explore cross-platform games, such as Undawn.
Its exploration has just begun, with more exciting titles coming soon!

S Studio

S STUDIO specializes in developing competitive strategy games. The team's core value has always been ‘focusing all efforts on user value’ by staying genuine to the craft and exploring a product's full potential from different aspects. The team has won multiple awards, including the ‘Golden Joystick’, Best Mobile Game of the Year Award. Its products have consistently been on the iOS market's best-selling list, and it's a leader in the mobile competitive strategy games sector. The team is dedicated to delivering the best product experience possible for users.

R Studio

R Studio is an RPG-focused subsidiary of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS that is committed to daring innovation and making iconic, industry-leading RPG franchises. The studio has offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, featuring a professional, experienced development team, whose products include Final Fantasy Online, FFO Mobile, HXSJ , Asura, and Undawn, and plans a wide range of new RPG for the near-future.

Happy Studio

Founded in 2014, Happy Studio is a game development studio focused on developing and operating card/chess games, MMORPGs, and SLGs. The studio's game operations cover mobile, PC, and browser, including the widely acclaimed Happy Chinese Poker, Happy Mahjong, Tencent Billiards, Rose Town, The King of Club, and the Huaxia RPG series. Currently, the studio is working on an SLG, a Triple-A open world RPG, and more top-quality 3D games.
We place heavy emphasis on technology and meeting our users' demands in our extensive cross-project collaborations. We have conducted in-depth research and made continual breakthroughs in realtime streaming for large worlds, game editor tech, Cloud Native tech evolution, highly consistent and available distribution, animation retargeting, as well as tools and pipelines for game development.
The studio is also committed to providing benefits to society. Since 2018, we've been dedicated to poverty alleviation and aided in the development of urban history and culture. We established two "Happy Teahouses" in Pengshui County and Nanjing, pioneering a new model that combines poverty alleviation, preserving urban historical cultural and product IP.

Tiki Studio

TiKi Studio, as a subsidiary of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, produces multiple genres of games. It has years of experience and released multiple, renowned board and card games. In recent years, TiKi has continued to grow, covering more competitive game genres such as sports, racing, strategy, music and much more. Its original motto – "Brilliant Game, Fun Life" – continues to drive the team's development approach.
The studio's self-developed games lead the industry with their prestigious reputation and performance. The music mobile game "Rhythm Master," with over 450 million registered users was a massive hit in Chinese market. Products such as "Tencent Chinese Chess" and "Hero Kill" top the board and card games genres. "Super NBA" has become the number-one basketball mobile game in China two years after its launch. TIKI remains deep into the racing and strategy genres to provide users with an unprecedented and unique gaming experience. The studio's in-development products will also continue to outshine other competitors and expand the studio's international market share.
TiKi isn't afraid to confront challenges and embrace opportunities. It will push forward to explore the gaming world and create more high-quality games for players worldwide.

Anyplay Studio

Anyplay Studio is a vibrant team, dedicated to the research and development of mobile games. Anyplay have come a long way since their inception, making extraordinary achievements along the way by combining high levels of innovation with strong market awareness and sticking to their philosophy of "Live to Deliver". Anyplay's games continue to stand out in the market, with games like WeFly still maintaining their momentum more than 7 years after it's initial release. In the new mobile era, Anyplay Studio continues to set their sights high by utilizing a strong base in the Chinese market, whilst working hard towards writing their next successful chapter in international markets.

H Studio

H studio is committed to promoting the development and pipeline construction of open world games with 3A quality. There will be a series of amazing open world games In the near future. The members of H studio have rich experience in open world games, and also welcome friends who are interested in high-quality open world games to join us.


LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Tech Department is a R&D department under LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS which develop PUBG MOBILE and other high-quality games. Our Tech Department leads the research, exploration, and discovery of innovative technologies and provides technical services for all games during all phases of life cycle, including engine, audio, QA, AI, next generation game, technical cooperation, etc.


At the Lightspeed Art Department, we encourage creativity and innovation to promote the meaningful and impactful gameplay ideas that our players love. As the department in charge of UI and UX design for all games at Lightspeed Studios, we work on everything from UI and VFX design to IP and branding design. We enjoy exploring the ways players interact with our games and applying our creativity and ideas to make their experience with our games more intuitive and responsive. From the pre-research stage to the launch of each project, we devote ourselves to improving the user experience for the studio's games and bringing the best design experience to our players.
Made up of many top game industry veterans as well as young and inspiring talents, Lightspeed Art Department works on all of Lightspeed's creative projects, providing artists and support from concept design, 3D modeling, animation, VFX design, technical art, cinematics, comics, and more. With a profound love for games, our Art Department is committed to exploring how the latest, cutting-edge technology can be applied to the artistic projects we oversee. We do our utmost to create future-oriented IP, improving the visual quality of our studio's games.
Art Department have already established multiple local talent teams, such as our Innovation Centers in Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Seoul to support Lightspeed Studios' production and R&D remotely (including art, production and testing). We also manage cooperation with universities, companies, along with leading projects to promote and realize social value.