LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Showcases R&D and Innovative Solutions in Game Development at GDC 2023

MAR 24,2023

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will also reveal the development details of its upcoming open-world mobile survival game, UNDAWN, and its existing global hit, PUBG MOBILE.

Today, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, a leading global game developer, announced that it will be featured at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC). With its upgraded brand and vision, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will present ten sessions at the event, sharing its latest best practices in game development, unveiling behind-the-scenes details from its existing and upcoming titles as well as releasing its strategies for global expansion and talent acquisition.

At GDC 2023, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS sessions will cover topics including open virtual world creation, AI-powered technology utilization, technical art development, and mobile gaming optimization. LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will also unveil details of its upcoming mobile survival game, UNDAWN, discussing its technical arts and programming skills to bring creative concepts to life. It will also highlight its success in optimizing the performance of the global hit, PUBG MOBILE (co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.), for mobile devices and platforms.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is seeking global game development talent at GDC 2023 to join its multi-faceted team and propel its vision for a worldwide gaming ecosystem, the LIGHTSPEED UNIVERSE, over the next decade. GDC 2023 will feature a dedicated session where LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will share its business growth and talent acquisition strategies

“Our commitment to crafting next-generation games, coupled with our persistent passion, is what sets us apart from all other game developers. We're excited to showcase our full-fledged and cutting-edge exploration in game development and innovation in front of gaming professionals from around the world,” said Jerry Chen, president of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS. “As we are driving our global growth and development forward with continuous investments in talent, R&D, and global platforms, we welcome passionate developers and artists to join us as we advance the art and science of gaming.”

To address some of the most challenging technical barriers in the industry, at GDC 2023, experts from LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will present a range of tools and technologies that have been developed in-house. Among these solutions, XPR Model addresses the scalability issues associated with creating an open-world game due to the increasing number of players or entities as well as the rising cost of computing and synchronization. Additionally, as an alternative to the existing pre-generated approaches, Photon Water System enables both pre-computing and simultaneous updating of water data, which will be converted into an adaptive water mesh for real-time rendering for open-world game creation.

AI-powered technology is increasingly used for more realistic visual simulation, optimizing the player experience and content digitization. LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will showcase a major breakthrough in the deployment of AI-based solutions for the gaming industry. It will introduce 'Wobbledoll', a self-developed, machine-learning-based method that generates high-fidelity motions with less engineering complexity, addressing the long-standing challenge of executing realistic full-body physical interactions.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will reveal an exclusive look at the upcoming open-world mobile survival game, UNDAWN, supported by a discussion with studio experts in technical arts and engines. The presentation will show how the development team is able to simulate the buoyancy and transparency of billowy ocean on mobile devices and PCs, while also maintaining limited performance budgets. This session will highlight LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS' expertise in bringing imagination to life with its in-depth understanding of the physical world and advanced development capabilities.

For a global blockbuster like PUBG MOBILE, the issue of continuing to enable it to support a range of global phone models - from those released ten years ago to the most current models - remains a challenging. Experts from LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will disclose their multi-level performance optimization strategy, which provides an optimal and satisfactory gaming experience to all users, regardless which phone they use.

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