LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Showcases Innovations in Game Development at GDC 2024

March 18, 2024

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS outlines its commitment to pushing the boundaries of game development, sharing insights into development of new AAA title, Last Sentinel

Today, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, a leading global game developer, announced plans to host multiple sessions demonstrating the studio’s leadership in game development at the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC). Among these sessions, Steve C. Martin, Vice President, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will share insights into the creation of the new AAA development studio, Lightspeed LA, and the development of its debut title, Last Sentinel.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will host sessions highlighting the studio’s commitment to innovating at the forefront of AAA game development and fostering global collaboration, including:

· Building a User and Developer Friendly Cross DCC Animation Pipeline
· Exploring the Skill System Design in Shooting Games
· High-performance UE5 Mobile Rendering and Next-Gen Character Creation Pipeline Powered by Machine Learning
· Mastering Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Game Development
· Crafting the Ultimate AAA Game Studio for Last Sentinel

“At LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, we’re committed to building the future of gaming and crafting next-generation experiences by developing boundary pushing technologies and fostering a collaborative global team,” said Jerry Chen, president of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS. “As we continue our growth, we’re looking for developers from around the world to join us in empowering the creation of immersive, original, and groundbreaking experiences.”

In December 2023, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS announced Last Sentinel at The Game Awards, developed by Lightspeed LA, a flagship studio under LightSpeed Studios. An ambitious open-world sci-fi AAA experience, Last Sentinel marks LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ entry into the development of AAA console experiences and underscores the company’s commitment to innovating and investing in the future of video game development.

GDC attendees are invited to attend LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ sessions and booth on the show floor for insights into technologies and practices the company is leveraging to build the next generation of AAA experiences.

Please visit the LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS website or the GDC schedule for more details.


LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is a leading global game developer, with teams across China, United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has created over 50 games across multiple platforms and genres for more than 4 billion registered users. It is the co-developer of worldwide hit PUBG MOBILE(co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.).

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is made up of passionate players who advance the art & science of game development through great stories, great gameplay, and advanced technology. We are focused on bringing next generation experiences to gamers who want to enjoy them anywhere, anytime, across multiple genres and devices.

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