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LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Introduces New Procedural Texturing System in Collaboration with Adobe

OCT 20,2022

The innovative tool will be used to enhance game development productivity and drive synergy across LIGHTSPEED STUDIO’s global R&D

Los Angeles, October 20, 2022 – Today, at Adobe MAX 2022, global leading game developer LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS announced a new collaboration with Adobe and introduced the Procedural Texturing System (PTS) — a tool developed by the studio to boost development productivity using Substance 3D.

Featuring a one-stop terminal where developers can access and manage the majority of tools and resources needed for game development, the PTS boosts productivity by allowing developers to create globally streamlined workflows for procedural texturing, modular modeling, and environment and character creation with photogrammetry for multiple projects, regardless of geographical barriers.

The tool will be primarily used to support LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ developers and designers by creating synergies across the studios’ global R&D pipeline and enhancing game development efficiency. Through the innovative features of the PTS, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is taking a lead in exploring new solutions to unleashing the creativity of game developers and designers.

“The next generation of gaming experiences we are creating in our AAA titles require the ultimate level of visual authenticity and collaborative efforts that span multiple regions. It is therefore essential for us to continually evolve our development tools to boost productivity and efficiency,” said Steve Martin, General Manager of LIGHTSPEED LA, the first North American AAA game development studio under LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS. “We are privileged to have been able to collaborate with Adobe to explore and create this unique solution that will not only benefit our developers and artists but also inspire our global creative community. The PTS demonstrates our commitment to building an environment in which developers can create better games at a faster pace through our continuous investments in talent, R&D, and global development platforms. We are very much looking forward to more in-depth cooperation between LIGHTSPEED and Adobe in the future.”

As an essential component of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ vision for building global platforms, the PTS is designed to overcome geographical barriers and centralize the studio’s development resources across the globe. Backed by a secure cloud service, the PTS offers a one-stop solution that helps designers easily deliver high throughput at a consistently high-standard while synchronizing texture assets for cross-region collaboration on multiple projects. Together, these address typical inefficiencies in the 3D design pipeline caused by repetitive work and incohesive processes.

To reduce the impact of system bottlenecks and help designers focus on their creative output, the PTS provides an integrated platform that brings together several templates and tools to streamline workflows.

Among these, the Procedural Texturing Material Templates allow designers to quickly select and apply textures to 3D models, while the Programmed Texturing Mapping Tool facilitates detailed adjustments and refinements of textures. Photogrammetry Data Processing Tools are also available for generating and adjusting scanned models and textures supported by SAT automation. Powered by these tools, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is able to deliver high-quality, AAA-standard assets with greater efficiency.

As part of LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS’ commitment to establishing a global platform that advances the future of game development, the collaboration will inspire more possibilities in extending technological partnerships and accelerate LIGHTSPEED’s innovation-driven global expansion. As it embarks on a new journey heading towards LIGHTSPEED Universe, its vision over the next 10 years that aims to create an ecosystem that connects players and developers around the world, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS will continue to develop innovative approaches that help build a world of unparalleled experiences where developers can develop games at a faster pace with greater ease.


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