GAME FOR PEACE and B.Duck Chilling Together in the Island on May 20th!

GAME FOR PEACE and B.Duck Chilling Together in the Island on May 20th!

May 2020

Game for Peace, a tactical, competitive mobile game developed by Tencent's Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group, has teamed up with the trendsetter B.Duck brand to establish a cross-industry collaboration, using key elements from both brands to develop a series of fun interactions both online and offline.

Yesterday, the yellow duck successfully parachuted into the Island map, bringing with it countless Easter eggs and new gear; outside game rounds, the huge "yellow duck" has made its way into the screen next to elites for a closer face-to-face. Also, a huge selection of GAME FOR PEACE and B.Duck themed merchandise will launch in mid-June, bringing players and fans a cute mascot for a fun-filled summer.

Figure 1: Come On Over to the Island~ The Trendy Yellow Duck has Landed

Kicking Off the Summer in a "Trendy and Cute" Way, Game for Peace and B.Duck Launch Another Collaboration to Set a New Fashion Trend

A tactical, competitive game with over hundreds of millions of players, Game for Peace has always sought ways to provide new elements and experiences for its players. Also, Game for Peace continues to collaborate with leading brands from other industries to create a comprehensive brand ecosystem.

Recently, Game for Peace has achieved numerous success from working with brands across various industries, such as Maserati, Zippo, and other partners, including the hit girl band Rocket Girls 101 and other collaborations. GAME FOR PEACE continues to seek new brands this year to provide new possibilities and reach into the everyday lives of our players.

Figure 2: Description of figure 2

From past cooperation, GAME FOR PEACE first pinpoints the common grounds of both brands, then customizes a collaboration mode; and thus the latest fruits of labor are realized with B.Duck.

B.Duck is a brand under the Hong Kong company Semk Products Ltd. With its trendy and cute appearance, B.Duck has easily become recognized around the world. This time, Game for Peace's collaboration with B.Duck not only features the yellow duck but will introduce a fun new game mode with trendy in-game items. What's more, B.Duck will be featured in merchandise with the level 3 helmet, cast-iron pan, and motorcycle for players to own. This collaboration between brands has taken the most direct approach to actualize, in real life and through the game, to directly target its core gaming crowds and IP fans.

Figure 3

B.Duck in the Island, Limited Edition “Spray Paint”

On May 19, B.Duck officially arrived in the classic Island map. In every match, random locations (5 in total) will feature a set of ducks, with one large duck followed by three smaller ones, escorting a yellow duck treasure chest as they float across the water. Elites will have to work quickly to collect the chest. Also, players can complete check-in missions when they're in the vicinity of the ducks to collect event rewards. Through the in-game events, elites can receive a special, limited edition GAME FOR PEACE x B.Duck "spray paint." All players are welcome to participate in the event and have fun with the trendy icon!

Figure 4

Figure 5

Aside from the in-game Easter egg, there are plenty of duck-related events and rewards. From May 20 through 27, players can join the "Cute Little Duck" event; just log in for 5 days to receive the spray paint, coins, outfit coins, and other rewards. From May 20 through 27, the "520 Duck Together" event will provide players with daily mission points that go toward a jigsaw puzzle, which can unlock the "Millennial Love" outfit. From May 22 through 28, join the "Duck Race" event to complete specific missions and get special trail blazer rewards. Elites can also check out the H5 event to see how well you get along with the duck!

Kicking Off the Summer with Official B.Duck In-Game Items

A huge selection of fun-filled and personalized gear has always been a favorite among players. One of the key areas of this collaboration is the chance for elites to get the new “Trendy Gift Pack.” This "trendy duck" series gear is designed through a joint effort from GAME FOR PEACE and B.Duck. The iconic duck image can be seen on various gear in a bright, colorful way that's sure to make you stand out among the crowd.

Figure 6

Setting the Fashion Trend in Tactical Competitive Gaming with the Launch of Merchandise

From May 20 through June 30, Game for Peace x B.Duck will make a surprise visit to Shenzhen's Kexing Science Park and Shenzhen UpperHills. Players are invited for a close-up to get a feel for the duck's charm. Also, Game for Peace and B.Duck have created a series of merchandise, including blind box figures, mugs, keychains, electric irons, B.Duck notepads, and jewelry. On this merchandise, the iconic duck can be seen donning a "level 3 helmet" and swinging about the cast-iron pan, making it an irresistible trinket to own.

This time, Game for Peace and B.Duck have taken a huge step into the everyday lives of players through the line of merchandise, bringing the cooperation between IPs to a whole new level. By breathing new life and value into the game's brand collaboration, players can continue to feel the charming experience of the collaboration out in the real world! The merchandise will launch on June 16 in B.Duck's official stores on Tmall and JD. Please look forward to them along with the rest of GAME FOR PEACE elites and B.Duck fans!

Figure 7: Merchandise to be Launched Soon

Also, Game for Peace and B.Duck will launch a series of emoticons on Wechat and QQ platforms; an amusing photo filter will be featured on the Meitu APP, and Baidu's text inputs will also feature customized skins. Now, elites and fans can interact with the duck wearing the level 3 helmet every day. With this multi-faceted collaboration, Game for Peace and B.Duck have successfully launched the icon into all aspects of everyday life.

Game for Peace has a gigantic base of young adults, and B.Duck is also a beloved icon among younger adults. With this cooperation, GAME FOR PEACE and B.Duck have brought amusing new elements into the game and introduced a whole line of merchandise and emoticons. This has effectively stirred a trend among both fan bases, as well as solidified the brands' impressions and expanded the fan bases, thereby also introducing new, varied aspects to both brands.

From this work, it's clear to see that cross-industry collaboration can break boundaries and create a multitude of possibilities. Game for Peace also actively seeks to work with even more top-of-the-line brands with shared values and ideals to generate thrilling, innovative works that will seep into everyday life. B.Duck, being one of the key trendsetters, will continue to patrol the seas in the Island map, accompanying players in this hot summer and bringing them an extraordinary new experience!

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