Jan 2020

Recently, GAME FOR PEACE is holding a cross-industry collaboration event with Maserati, the Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer, which includes a series of in-depth cooperation. Not only are the two using the influence they hold in their fields to jointly promote each other's brands, but they are providing exclusive custom-made vehicles for the players to speed around in. By breaking the boundary between industries, the popular mobile game and the luxury car manufacturer will widen their customer bases and create a win-win situation.

Figure 1: Initial Unveiling of GAME FOR PEACE's Grand Collaboration with Maserati

A Grand Collaboration: Debut of Exclusive Maserati Skins

GAME FOR PEACE fans know very well that vehicles are a crucial factor on their way to victory. Being an excellent driver is as important as being a superb marksman in this game. To date, only a handful of vehicle skins are available, making them one of the most sought-after items, so the Maserati skins will surely become a huge hit and bring on a racing frenzy among players. The model for this collaboration is the Maserati Ghibli, a time-honored and culturally rich model dating back to 1967. It boasts an eye-catching design and sleek performance, easy handling, and an all-around comfortable ride. It combines Italian artistic style with a dynamic, smooth driving experience and is suitable for everyday use. This vehicle has now been brought into the GAME FOR PEACE world with three color variations to choose from, namely gold, pink, and blue. The blue color is the signature "Blu Emozione" of the Ghibli series, while gold and pink are GAME FOR PEACE exclusive colors. Players can participate in the event quest to obtain Maserati badges, then exchange them for a car key to unlock the vehicle. The Maserati vehicle skins belong to the sedan category. Players who have obtained one can select and use it from their inventory to display it in the lobby and battles. Get one of these luxury cars to stand out on the battlefield and race all the way to victory!

Figure 2: GAME FOR PEACE exclusive Maserati Ghibli (gold)

In-Depth Details: An Authentic and Superb Riding Experience

An authentic replica of the actual car, the exclusive Maserati skins will provide players with a superb riding experience. These are by no means ordinary vehicle skins. With all the details in check, such as interior design and paint, players will feel like they are driving a real Maserati. The iconic Maserati noise will be heard on the roads of GAME FOR PEACE. In addition, these vehicles are perfect for driving on the roads of the GAME FOR PEACE world. As an Italian luxury carmaker, Maserati prides itself as a symbol of elegance, which pairs well with the characteristics of our players, who compete in the game as tough, confident, and persistent soldiers.

Figure 3: Maserati Ghibli's Classic "Blu Emozione" in GAME FOR PEACE

Kenny Lin Live-Streams "Test Drive" as a New Year Greeting

Moreover, GAME FOR PEACE and Kuaishou livestream platform have invited two celebrities, actor Kenny Lin and live streamer Wang Xiaowai, to do a test drive. Lin's passion for gaming is well-known among his fans. As both a gamer and a celebrity, asking him to run a test drive will surely boost the publicity of this collaboration. As Chinese New Year approaches, GAME FOR PEACE is releasing a series of new content and game modes, including the "New Year Mode" with a lively, festive atmosphere. On January 20, Kenny Lin and Wang Xiaowai demonstrated the New Year Mode over Kuaishou livestream, during which they tested a gold Maserati and staged a car race with other players as they competed for victory!

Another Cross-industry Collaboration: An Accessible In-Game Luxury Item

As a well-known mobile game, GAME FOR PEACE commits itself to providing an authentic shooting-game experience and a realistic competitive experience. It offers an in-game stage for 100 players to compete for the final victory and actively seeks all kinds of collaborations with famous brands and intellectual properties to bring brand-new experiences to the players. GAME FOR PEACE's collaboration with Maserati is its first such attempt in the automobile industry. From classic intellectual properties, movies and TV, drinks and instant noodles, to Maserati, GAME FOR PEACE has continuously realized collaboration with brands from different fields, and the game is increasingly linked to everyday life. As a luxury car manufacturer, Maserati will undoubtedly start a new trend among players, enrich their in-game experience, and uplift the game itself into a luxury item amongst games. Let the elite stand out! The passion of Maserati and the dynamic, unfettered style of Ghibli has long attracted the attention of young elites who value individuality and driving experience. This collaboration, which appeals to a younger crowd, will break through the border between reality and virtual worlds and push the two brands towards realizing mutual benefits. The exclusive car skins are now waiting for elite drivers in the GAME FOR PEACE battlefields. Are you ready for a luxurious and speedy experience? For more GAME FOR PEACE product information, please visit:

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