New song from Hua Chenyu! Game for Peace's Take-off-themed 2nd Anniversary Track Launches

New song from Hua Chenyu! Game for Peace's Take-off-themed 2nd Anniversary Track Launches

Apr 2021

On its second anniversary, Game for Peace officially unveiled its new take-off-themed logo and interface, inviting players to take off on an imaginative adventure. On April 26, the 2nd anniversary take-off-themed track "Flight Commander," which was a collaboration between Game for Peace and its brand ambassador Hua Chenyu, was officially released on QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music, bringing the Martians on an adventure in the skies. As the first theme song collaboration between Game for Peace and its brand ambassador, this song is full of surprises.

Image 1: Game for Peace 2nd Anniversary Celebration: Time for Takeoff!

Take Off in the Name of Imagination! Blending the Sounds of Space into Song

In Game for Peace's second anniversary theme song "Flight Commander," Hua Chenyu once again surprises the Martians with his outstanding vocal skills and extraordinary musical expression. The song incorporates pulsar signal, a special sound from space, by converting the originally inaudible electromagnetic waves into sound and integrating it into the arrangement. It's a unique gift for the theme song of the second anniversary of Game for Peace, made with the hope that every player soldier can receive this signal from space and take off with imagination.

In addition to the extreme requirements for music, Hua Chenyu, a veteran player of Game for Peace, also incorporated his own love for the game into "Flight Commander" and combined the pulsar signals with his own vocal control, exuding a huge amount of energy. Whether it is the eloquent display of emotion, his penetrating voice, or the unparalleled burst of the chorus, the song perfectly conveys the adventurous spirit of players. As the "flight commander," Hua Chenyu will also take Martians on an adventure to explore a world of infinite possibilities during the second anniversary of Game for Peace.

Image 2: Hua Chenyu x Game for Peace 2nd Anniversary Take Off Theme Song, "Flight Commander"

Hua Chenyu Lands for a Concert! See You in Game for Peace!

Currently, the second anniversary of Game for Peace has launched with a new game mode: "Airship Party." Additionally, when the second anniversary's celebration H5 site launched, Game for Peace also specially invited Hua Chenyu to provide the voice over, guiding players as they recall two years of stories and constantly conveying the unlimited possibilities and adventurous spirit of taking off and exploring the future.

Game for Peace 2nd Anniversary Flashback H5 (

Take off, and use imagination to take players on an adventure! On May 1, Hua Chenyu, as the game's brand ambassador, will also parachute onto the island of Game for Peace to deliver the first concert of 2021 for all players. When Martians meet the island, the unlimited possibilities of Game for Peace will be depicted with even more amazing imagination on this stage full of surprises and adventure.

In addition, the Game for Peace 2nd Anniversary Party: PEL Chongqing Tour will also be held at the Chongqing Huaxi Sports Center on May 3. In addition to the expected opening ceremony for the PEL Week Championship tour, stars, streamers, and professional competitions, Hua Chenyu will also appear in Chongqing to deliver a long-awaited performance to the Martians.

"With the fearlessness of extreme speed, free yourselves of the Earth's control, take off towards the future, and let the marvelous become absolute." Just as Game for Peace has been creating new experiences for players, this second anniversary theme song also symbolizes that special forces will fly toward a future of limitless possibilities with imagination as their wings. The adventure party has started, and Game for Peace brand ambassador Hua Chenyu will also be bringing more surprises to meet the special forces. Look forward to the future! Take off with Game for Peace!