GAME FOR PEACE x Rocket Girls 101, United Together to Protect the Peace

GAME FOR PEACE x Rocket Girls 101, United Together to Protect the Peace

Mar 2020

Starting March 20, GAME FOR PEACE and the renowned "Rocket Girls 101" will conduct a series of collaborations, with "Rocket Girls 101" themed content added into the game. The collaboration will include numerous outfits, celebrity voiceovers, signed backpack accessories, the first-ever motorcycle skin, and more. Furthermore, "Rocket Girls 101" members will dress as special operatives and film a video themed on upholding the peace.

Girls, unite and uphold the peace! A striking promotional video!

In the promotional video, "Rocket Girls 101" members are dressed in stylish military uniforms and fully locked and loaded. They board a plane and parachute into a bullet-ridden battlefield, ready to take on the responsibilities of protecting the peace.

Miraculous team, magical rocket! The same personalized uniforms are available!

With the official launch of the promotional video, a series of "Rocket Girls 101" themed outfits and gear were also launched, bringing players a completely new gaming experience.Not only can players don the same concert outfits as the "Rocket Girls 101," but they can also equip the "magical rocket" outfit with various "Rocket Girls 101" themed elements. The motorcycle skin is customized with a pink appearance and stream effects, making this vehicle the hottest ride around.

Cross-industry collaboration, we are all elites!

GAME FOR PEACE players have always trained hard to both compete and cooperate; the vigorous training resonates well with the spirit of the hard-working "Rocket Girls 101" group. Each team member has put forth tremendous efforts to pass various trials, both competing and cooperating with their teammates to reach the final spotlight on the stage, and to realize their dreams of becoming idols. Their arduous trials and tribulations have inspired many youths to fight for their dreams. They are positive role models for the younger generations.

Now, GAME FOR PEACE and "Rocket Girls 101" work together to bring players quality in-game content and a more youthful, positive gaming experience, setting the battlefields ablaze with a lively tone. Saddle up, elites, and join the "Rocket Girls 101" to protect the peace!