Top Brands Unite! GAME FOR PEACE x Aston Martin x Airbus x BonBon Girls 303 Remarkable Cooperation

Top Brands Unite! GAME FOR PEACE x Aston Martin x Airbus x BonBon Girls 303 Remarkable Cooperation

Feb 2021

Kick off 2021 with a bang! Today (February 8), GAME FOR PEACE announced a cooperation with Aston Martin, the "classic British luxury sports car brand," Airbus, the "world's largest helicopter manufacturer," and BonBon Girls 303, "the hip, up and coming girls band," to bring players an amazing new experience with top brands!

This time's cooperation will not only provide players with new outfits, new vehicle skins, and new game modes, but will also make the game more immersive and kindle a spirit of fearlessness. At the same time, it will break the boundaries across industries to create a synergy among the IPs. It's a showcase of deeper values of each brand and will blur out the differences between brands, resulting in an amazing cross-industry collaboration.

Figure 1: Stand out fearlessly – Game for Peace launches collaboration with top brands

Figure 2: Game for Peace x Aston Martin x Airbus

Use the Racing Spirit to Revamp Vehicles! Game for Peace x Aston Martin Rev Up the Engines for Players

Following the success of Maserati and Tesla vehicle skins, Game for Peace has teamed up with Aston Martin to introduce two of Aston Martin's exclusive models, the GT DBS Superleggera and the GT SUV DBX, in six different colors. The DBS series is one of the classics among Aston Martin's mass-produced GT sports car series, and is one of the super GT sports cars under the brand, whose beautiful design has been rendered into the game in meticulous detail to give players an exhilarating new driving experience.

The DBX model is the newest member to Aston Martin's DB series, which holds a legacy of over 72 years. In the tradition of the GT series, it carries the brand's golden ratio and classic sports car elements, and perfectly combines a sleek appearance with aerodynamic design. With the DB-style sunroof, slender lines along the sides, and iconic rear design, all details not only display the look and feel of a sports car and the comfort of a GT, but also showcase its terrain-crossing abilities to players.

Since its founding, the spirit of competition runs in Aston Martin. Whether it's competing in the Nürburgring 24h Race or returning to the world-renowned Formula One Championship and winning the Chinese Grand Prix, Aston Martin is dedicated to showing the racing world their supercar's competitiveness and charm. And Game for Peace is also a game full of competition. Aside from a bountiful selection of maps and game modes, players have a wide range of combat tactics to choose from. Players can fearlessly display themselves in the game and test all possibilities. Notably, Game for Peace and Aston Martin share the same brand core concepts. Just as Aston Martin's DBX promotional claim is "Breaking Boundaries," the theme of this collaboration is "Stand out fearlessly!," both of which resonate soundly, and allow a deeper connection to be formed among the players and the brand users. Both brands bring the spirit of competitive sports to a new level; winning isn't everything, but standing out is.

Figure 3: Game for Peace x Aston Martin "Stand out fearlessly!"

Figure 4: Game for Peace and Aston Martin's DBS Series

Figure 5: Game for Peace and Aston Martin's DBX Series

Breaking New Grounds! Game for Peace x Airbus Forge Ahead

Within GAME FOR PEACE's Chinese New Year collaboration, another highly anticipated major brand label is the world's largest helicopter manufacturer, Airbus Helicopter, which has crafted nearly half of the world's helicopters. In China, Airbus Helicopter holds 36% of the market share for civilian use helicopters, and is one of the largest partners in the field. Since entering the Chinese market in 1967, Airbus Helicopter has tirelessly aided the development of the Chinese helicopter industry by providing products and service solutions to Chinese users and partners in the fields of emergency search and rescue, emergency medical services, power line inspections, offshore transportation, and business-use aviation. It has met and served the needs for various regions and user groups across the country.

GAME FOR PEACE has teamed up with Airbus to launch the first helicopter skin, based on the original Airbus model! In the game, players can play in the exclusive roulette wheel to obtain the "Airbus Helicopter H135" skin (Pink – Wings of Love, Blue – Wings of the Azure Sky), which can be displayed in the in-game lobby. The H135 is one of Airbus' best-selling classic models; with its multipurpose cabin and safety designs, it has easily become the best choice for emergency medical services and public services.

Once the game starts, the player's helicopters will remain side-by-side with the transport plane prior to the player's parachuting descent. Once in the game, the helicopters will still be visible within certain regions of the map, and if the team achieves victory, the helicopter will airdrop fireworks to celebrate. Also, once players have received the skin, they can customize the text displayed on the tail of the helicopter.

GAME FOR PEACE has not only sought tirelessly to incorporate the many fun aspects of the helicopter into the game, but also informed players of the game about Airbus' shared spirit to become the "Leader of Aviation." Through continuous innovation, the game has generated countless possibilities for industry developments. Breaking new grounds and tackling new challenges are the characteristics of what it takes to be a leader.

Figure 6: Game for Peace x Airbus

「Sweet and Tough」 the New Sexy! Game for Peace x BonBon Girls 303 Kick Off

Following the huge success of "Caution: Superstar Ahead," GAME FOR PEACE is introducing the #Fearlessly Taking the Lead# initiative and collaborating again with BonBon Girls 303 to bring out a new theme song for the new year "The Time is Now." Featuring three major brands in the video, Curley G, Akira Zhao, Rita Wang, Krystal Chen, Nene Zheng, Sally Liu, and Yifan Zhang are ready for combat, ready to "take the leap" into the battlefield and uphold the peace. The video not only incorporates the sweet and dashing side of BonBon Girls 303, but also features their fearless attitude as they rush into battle, giving it their all as they fight for victory. The music video instills a positive energy into everyone that is fighting for their goals.

This collaboration not only displays the sweet yet fearless, positive side of BonBon Girls 303, which motivates the players to fight their way towards victory, but it also communicates a "fearless" attitude through the music, connecting the gaming and the entertainment industries. This "trendy and cool" synergy has easily brought together gamers and fans, as the younger generations continuously trend and chat about this collaboration on Weibo, QQ Music, and other social platforms. Who said "sweetness" can't be viral? Their positive vibe and imagery have redefined a new sexy, in line with Game for Peace's goal to inspire the younger generations to give it their all in fighting for their dreams.

Figure 7: Some of the Skins from Game for Peace x BonBon Girls 303 Collaboration

Fearlessly Taking the Lead! Leading Brands Infused into Game for Peace

As part of Game for Peace's "Fearlessly Taking the Lead" initiative, what does the 「A」 logo imply? To help everyone better understand the symbol, GAME FOR PEACE has carefully picked three top brands—Aston Martin, the "classic British luxury sports car brand," with the spirit of competition coursing through its veins, using a century to define "British elegance and a gentleman's mannerisms," entailing a "powerful, strong presence"; Airbus, the "world's largest helicopter manufacturer," grown from an industry challenger to a leader, "breaking new grounds in the industry" and entailing what it takes to be a "leader"; BonBon Girls 303, "the hip, up and coming girls band," dedicating night and day to reach their dreams, using their "Sweet but Tough" fighting spirit to create a new concept of "sexy."

The defining 「A」 attributes of these three brands imply powerful, sexy, presence, and leadership. Conclusively, Game for Peace and the spirit of 「A」 call out resoundingly, bringing together all the top brands to create a plentiful and meaningful world of content in the game. In the new version, players can really interact and feel the spirit of 「A」, which manifests itself into a powerful, competitive spirit seeped into the game's contents, events, rewards, and everywhere else. This allows Game for Peace to continue attracting players into the circle and maintain its ecosystem as a competitive world of adventure.

Game for Peace's collaboration with Aston Martin, Airbus, and BonBon Girls 303 this time has once again displayed to the world the game's ability and determination to work with IPs in order to "provide the world's gamers with a world of competitive adventure"! Game for Peace has not only continued to provide players with a rich, open, tactical gaming experience, but also continues to instill new elements into the game. Dedicated to the continuation of its own brand, the game has worked with and adapted countless IPs across other fields to generate new IP contents, unearthing more possibilities in the gaming world, and achieving mutual wins.

Figure 8: Game for Peace x BonBon Girls 303

With the Airbus in the sky and Aston Martin on the ground – after this "air and land" combo, will Game for Peace cross into the oceanic territories with a sea-related IP in the future? Look forward to it!