June 15,2023

Today Level Infinite, a gaming brand dedicated to delivering high-quality games to a global audience, and LIGHTSPEED Studios, one of the most successful and innovative game developers in the world, welcome survivors to Undawn. The free-to-play open-world survival RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a companion PC version available on Steam and the official website.

Watch the Official Undawn Launch Trailer

In Undawn, players must work together with other survivors in a world overrun by the infected. The game combines PvP and PvE experiences as players fend off dual threats of the shambling hordes and opposing humans in a fight to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland. Built using the Unreal Engine, Undawn transports survivors to a huge seamless environment filled with distinct terrains and ecosystems. Utilizing a robust free building system that encompasses more than 1,000 types of furniture, items and structures, players will need to work together to build their homesteads and establish a new civilization.

“With Undawn, the team took on an ambitious mission to create an open-world RPG that would redefine the survival genre,” said Anthony Crouts, Sr. Director of Marketing for Level Infinite. “We’re excited for players to get to experience their vision come to life and truly immerse themselves in this massive post-apocalyptic adventure.”

During their daring adventure, players will encounter legendary survivor Trey Jones played by global moviestar Will Smith. Trey will act as a guide to help other survivors navigate the world four years after a global disaster. To endure the fight against the infected, the survivors have split into different factions, each with their own rules of survival. As a member of the storied Raven Squad, players must face off against members of the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers for territory, and make it through some of the darkest nights until the next sunrise.

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LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has created over 50 games across multiple platforms and genres for more than 4 billion registered users. It is the co-developer of worldwide hit PUBG MOBILE(co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.).

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is made up of passionate players who advance the art & science of game development through great stories, great gameplay, and advanced technology. We are focused on bringing next generation experiences to gamers who want to enjoy them anywhere, anytime, across multiple genres and devices.

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